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The Crystal Oracle

Card Reading

Card Reading

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Card reading and energy healing!
I love using cards to tell a story! I believe that the cards can help show us steps in our path or give us ideas !
The way I do a card reading is probably not like anyone else!!
Each session begins with talking to the person and looking at where there are blocks in their life that they want to change.

We write the core words to change on a notecard. Then we write what we want to awaken in the reading! 
The card is placed within the reading, and the cards are drawn with the persons energy and intentions.

First we shuffle and pull cards for the clearing.

The story unfolds, with the chosen cards, relating to the clearing!
Second, we shuffle the cards again and pull new cards that will assist the person in the path forward with their desires!
I truly believe the path is chose by Us, not the cards! The cards are a lovely tool!
We have choice in life, it is not up to anyone else what we do with our future!
Empower yourself and step forward on your own path with love!

This session is available in person or remotely.
Please make a note when you purchase if you are booking for in person or online!!
Online has the option of live video or phone!

In person, we do a voice recording on my phone and I send it via google drive! 

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