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The Crystal Oracle

"Cora" Amethyst shield ring

"Cora" Amethyst shield ring

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The Dragon Eye Collection! 
Inspired by my recent visions of a Dragon who has called herself Cora!

This magical amethyst ring is to enhance the third eye chakra with "vision".
The third eye chakra teaches us about perception, and enhances our sight. Not just with your eyes, with your heart and your spirit. 
Awaken your gifts of perception, psychic abilities and seeing the world through a different lense,a magical lense! Step into the world of the unseen, the world where you can not prove with touch. A place where believing in magic exists and knowing and feeling are your super powers! Learning to shift your body ,mind and spirit through energy. Tapping into other dimensions, speaking with spirit and so much more!

The Dragon Eye collection is inspired from visions and channeling I have received spending time with the Dragons! Very powerful beings ,here to teach us how to embody our own power! 
I first saw this ring in my mind, and felt the power of it! The purple amethyst spoke a loud message of connection to the higher consciousness and higher frequency ! I have never felt so calm when making a piece, stepping into what feels like a better version of myself! The story of this ring is discovery and belief. Believing I could create this, a piece I have never done before. Many different new skills. As I took each step ,my hands just moved as if they had done it hundreds of times before. There where moments when I stopped and thought about how to create the next part. I even had to make my own tools to forge the shape of the ring. 
I truly felt like a silversmith, but not of this time! I have done this in the past! a past life energy surged through my hands! Each blow of the hammer, moving the metal, filling it with the power of the dragon! She spoke to me and I felt her loving support. All the while a sense of immense power , as dragon energy is very strong! This ring carries an activation for you, to open yourself to explore your all your powers !

She whispered her name to me, Cora. Her message, I see! 

This ring is one of a kind and is made for someone who is ready to step into the power of seeing! See yourself in a new light, see the world in a new light, and fly!!

Ring size: 7 3/4 

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