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The Crystal Oracle

Green Ocean Jasper Mala

Green Ocean Jasper Mala

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 I call upon power from the Universe, to make these magical malas for you! It guides me to share these with you! . To use in your healing journey as you wish! 
Each bead, filled with intentions of kindness and healing white light energy! The way You use your mala is up to you. I love the energy of the stone beads, and the feel of the beads as I pass my fingers over them . Counting, chanting , wearing , or gifting these beautiful handmade necklaces are a few ideas!
Upon receiving , cleanse your Mala with pure white light, sage or intentions. Take the time to create your own connection, sit with it, infuse it with your own thoughts and energies of what you wish your journey to be!

Ocean Jasper with a dominant Green color is a “growth crystal” : a powerful conduit of the Earth's Life Force of birth, development and creation and the power of Earth's constant renewal. Jasper is a potent aid in nurturing, for self and loved ones!

108 ,color enhanced green ocean jasper 6mm beads, 39.5 inch length

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