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The Crystal Oracle

"The Light Maker" citrine ring

"The Light Maker" citrine ring

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Dragon Eye Collection
The Light Maker is the name of the ring!
Born from a vison, this magical ring is the first in the Dragon Eye collection!

I had a vision of a Dragon, that came with the message awaken! It's time to awaken as a new you, to stop hiding in the shadows and step into the sun light!
This citrine crystal is about sun energy, confidence ,seeing the truth and power! The energy that came through was so powerful, and grounding! 
The journey of healing can lead us down many roads, and when you come to that place when the time is right, we AWAKEN! 
Are your ready for your awakening?

To embody all your power and fly through the clouds and make all your dreams come true!
I love channeling my Dragon when I need the extra courage to step forward, to follow my heart and be my true powerful, magical self!!
Ring size 5-1/4 double band sterling silver

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