abalone silver earrings

Abalone earrings

Gifts from the ocean!

The abalone's potential healing properties carry a similar significance to ancient legends surrounding the shell. It radiates a protective and emotionally balancing energy, enveloping the holder in a sense of peace.

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Zoisite silver gemstone pendant

new collection

Portal to the Universe

Indulge in the exquisite, one-of-a-kind Portal to the Universe Zoisite pendant. Embark on a journey with the stars and experience a transformation of lower frequencies as it amplifies the healing energies of the gemstones.

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Apatite silver pendant


Experience the cosmic energy of our luxurious Portal, harnessing healing frequencies and drawing in celestial power. Transmute negative vibrations into a potent healing force, amplified by the elegance of our coveted Apatite gemstones.

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Labradorite elegant silver pendant

Labradorite Pendant

The Magician's Stone!

"The Magicians Stone," Labradorite is a powerful aid in unlocking one's full potential. Whether in need of physical or spiritual protection, Labradorite's luminescent light creates a barrier of safety. As you journey through the universe, let Labradorite be your protective cloak, reminding you of your true, powerful energy.

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Episode 8

Passion over purpose!
Choosing the words, changing the program!


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