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The Crystal Oracle

"Body Whispers" online course

"Body Whispers" online course

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 "Body Whispers", teaches you about intuition, self-love, and following your heart's desires. The body has a way of whispering vital information, through wiggles, aches, pains, and thoughts, that guide you towards the right path. Unfortunately, many of us have never listened or been able to hear these whispers because of the loudness of life and societal expectations. However, this course will help you learn how to listen to your intuition, heal yourself, make decisions, and create the life you truly want. Trust yourself and the wisdom within you to make choices that align with your desires. Use muscle testing, a powerful tool that I personally use daily, to stay connected to your body and ask it important questions. Let this course be the start of a journey towards tuning in to your body's whispers and living a life of fulfillment.

Join the "Body Whispers" online course and experience 4 chapters of exclusive recorded videos, each 2 hours long. Enhance your learning with a luxurious 42-page ebook.

That's 8hrs of learning, watch at your own pace!!!

Chapter 1.Discover the meaning behind body whispers, muscle testing, and heart decisions 

 Chapter 2.The power of words. What is the story you tell ,how do you speak to yourself and others.

 Chapter 3.Heal your body and intuitive eating.

 Chapter 4. New perspective and learning to embody joy.

 Trust yourself and your inner wisdom as you embark on this journey to uncover the secrets of the body whispers.

Join me, I am here to guide you!

This course is 8hrs  full of information, modalities, real life stories and everyday useful applications to heal your body mind and spirit! To take action and step forward with more confidence and powerful tools to use everyday!
It's time to shine bright and step into your power!

This is a digital product.
You will be emailed the 42 page ebook,
and 4- 2 hr videos!
Please allow a few minutes for the team to process!

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