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                                        I am so excited to meet you!

Welcome! Thank you for sharing your time with me!
My name is Carmen, born and raised in a wonderful small town in lovely British Columbia Canada! I grew up camping and fishing, gardening and playing outside! 
I am a Natural health Practitioner for over 13 years and a student of life! I am certified in Touch for health, Bars , orthobionomy, intuitive and animal communicator! I use Traditional Chinese Medicine, biofeedback muscle testing and my own intuition to guide Us on this healing path.

 I have video calls available on the website for Humans and Animal clients! My ideal client is someone who believes in energy, going beyond "normal" ways to heal .Open to the healing powers of your own mind and powers from beyond. Removing emotional blocks, past and present that are preventing Us from moving forward or causing pain and illness. I believe all our emotions and experiences in life effect every facet of our being. We must learn to listen, and respond to the message. Empower ourselves to change where we need to and allow our true self to grow and thrive!

As a child I always talked to animals, and they talked back with me! I thought everyone did this! The first time I did healing touch was with my cat when I was around 8! I remember seeing Auras on the wall and thinking Wow, did that just happen! 
This kept me curious!

I was athletic as in grade school and my hips kept going out. I had a quiet neighbor, a rough and tumble guy who did bodywork, a truck driver on the surface! I didn't realize at the time what a powerful practitioner he was, I just knew I loved this ! I  and began going to him to help with my body pains. I was so amazed at this world of healing, it seemed magical! Fast forward to my 20's, I kept searching for this magic! I feel this pull towards mystical. energy, going beyond !I was fortunate to receive training for Body management with Gerry Funn one of my mentors! I have been blessed with many amazing teachers along the way! I love energy, healing, fairies, herbal medicine, card reading, nature based healing. I gathered books, and looked for this training in every chapter of my life!

The journey took many turns along the way, but I kept being led back to this energy healing lifestyle through my own health journey. It transformed my life in so many ways. Not just physical ,mentally and spiritually awakening my heart!
I am multi passionate , and love creating! Crystals were a natural part of this journey. Always having pockets full of rocks, walking the rivers and gravel pits on my adventures! Crystals are gifts from the Earth, I love them all and are powerful healing tools! I use them in my work and home life everyday!

Art and creating is such a huge part of my life. I also evolved into making healing jewelry. I always find my happiness when I am creating! I am a self taught silversmith now! Adding crystals and silver , what a perfect combination!

The Crystal Oracle is a place where I can share all of my passions with you! My goal is to inspire, share and create together! I hope you have some fun with me along this path!


 Like minded friends to talk to and share with! We believe in magic ,kindness and living Our best life with gratitude! 

                                           💜     What else is possible......





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