Are you allowing yourself choice?

Are you allowing yourself choice?


Feb 2, 2022

Are you allowing yourself choice?


Welcome Aquarius New Moon, may you come  roaring in with the Tiger energy! 

Wow, what a moment to be in, this water sign is feeling all the emotions are you? I am an Aquarius, Jan 26th WOOT WOOT!!

Happy Birthday fellow Aquarians and All you Lovely Pisces for this Month! Being in Aquarius and the tail end of retrograde, you may be feeling situations very deeply, lots of questions and situations that are here to look into and make some decisions!

 The family dynamics, bubbling up, communication seems to be louder than usual. Take this opportunity to move it, choose what you want. It’s being brought up to move past it, to let it go. I too have had many older thoughts rise to the surface that seemed to come from nowhere. 

The New Moon and the intensities are here to assist us in rising to the next level. We can not do that though if we keep one foot in the past. Are you moving forward? Are you allowing yourself to choose, or are you following old programming that keeps you stuck in the past?

I am learning everyday how to do this and always delightfully surprised at what doors open every time I let go of something! Personally, speaking my truth and being responsible for what comes from that has been challenging and painful at times. I am also, empowered and wiser for it!!Pride also as I pay attention and move into allowance and change my future.

 How do I start? Stop the fighting internally, stop resisting what I truly desire and allow myself to feel. This was a strange ,uncomfortable feeling . I always thought I was so easy to get along with, and helpful. Yes, this is partially true, what I didn't see was the pain I was causing myself and the limits this placed on myself and loved ones.

 Have you ever blown past your own feelings because you're so worried about hurting someone else's?!!! YES, I know you have. Swooped in and there to fix it , so someone doesn't get angry. Fold someone's clothes , taking some of the workload for someone else to give them a rest?

YESSSS! Well, when the scale tips so far you don't even know what it is you desire anymore and you're so exhausted because YOU created too many unnecessary jobs for yourself ,Its time to stop. It's time to let go.

 This is where I will remind Us of the term …allowance. Take a few steps back, how does this connect to starting New moon ,new beginnings? To move forward, we must let go. But if we aren't in allowance and letting go we won't move at all.

Start asking yourself some questions. Empower yourself to learn to have allowance for yourself and others. 

When we don't have allowance, there is no room for spontaneous moments, new ideas, surprises, living !!!

It's a sneaky form of control. Controlling so we don't get hurt, so someone else doesn't get hurt feelings, or angry. What we need for the health of our body and mind is stop this fear. And begin making healthy choices that allow Us space to be our true self.

Are you doing these tasks for others and they are still not happy? IT’s not your responsibility.

Let me say that again. 

It's not Your responsibility to make others happy.

I noticed that it was fear, distrust , lack of confidence to name a few that I was feeling when I would rush to fix the situation. Fear of not knowing how the moment would turn out. Fear of not knowing how the other person would react. Not very helpful .To me or them. 

I didn't think I was controlling, I was so nice and helpful!!! WINK*

 I have had some lovely moments of reflection where I saw what I had done to others ,as they did it to me! I had the opportunity to witness it. I chose to change how I was reacting.

The new reaction changed the outcome and created opportunities for all. There can be a lot of very intense emotions with allowance and speaking the truth, and setting  boundaries. This is the beauty of choice! We are growing, building self trust , and self confidence each time we make a choice from the heart. Believing in what I knew would make me happy. In the end , it was a good choice. Always Choose from your heart.

 Allowance to be ourselves even when we have different opinions or ideas!! I love that this gives us an opportunity to change how it will happen in the future and create space for new energies to come in! One of the tools to use moving forward.

As the New moon energy is very strong for a few days, take some time to look at where you are focusing your energy. Are you needing to let something go? Are you allowing your truth to come to the surface. Are you allowing others to also? As you begin to create your next step, be thankful for noticing what you want or do not want! I love that too!I may not get this perfect, but I can choose again. 

I love and forgive myself as I am and as I will be!!

“ Cheers” to building the future you choose!!

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