mountain ash tree blooming

What if it was simple?

What if it was simple?

I was out walking through my back yard with my camera, I was feeling a little stuck about what the next newsletter would be about. The topic, the layout ,editing the photos…..oh my the list. Then I stopped and looked down. Laughing to myself, I heard a message, Stop.

I stopped and looked. Not very often do we just stop, listen ,observe. It feels so easy to do when I am outside in nature. 

 What do you see? What do you hear? I saw lots of little seasonal birds arriving, the hummingbirds,squirrels carrying bark to their home, the zebra finch, the juncos building their nest for the next batch of spring babies! I could hear them singing all their different songs, each with a special tune! 

Now they don't always get along at the feeder but they seem to have an understanding, “well we are all here and if you want these yummy snacks we have to get along, even just for a moment!”

The community bird bath was filled with flutter and splashes as everyone washed away the winter dust! The crow and the squirrel were even taking turns having a drink! Each species is on a mission, to eat, to bathe, feed the babies, and live in this little community. And sing!!! They just sing! Even when things get a little busy and there is a line up at the feeder and someone comes and eats all the peanuts first, squirrel, I am talking to you! They keep singing and scratch up more seeds under the feeder that he kicked out of the way to get the peanuts! Opportunity

Where can you create a different opportunity when life events change the scenario?

Wisdom is all around us in nature, teaching us if we are willing to stop, observe, and listen. 

I love reflecting these lessons onto myself. Suddenly I was not stressing about my list and getting the perfect shot, but enjoying and snapping candid photos , and breathing! I stopped over thinking, and worrying about the perfect moment. It was all the perfect moment!

  The ideas are pouring out of me. The beauty of the little animals and creatures is so lovely and inspiring!

Their magnificent, warm, detailed homes they built with dried grass and sticks. The amazing colors of their feathers and fur. Each beak adapted to what they needed. As they forage ,all the food they gathered for their young ones, they kept singing!! 

Once again, nature has guided my heart, thank you!

Here is an energy clearing for you!

First take three deep breaths, in through your nose, out through your mouth. Slow and deep, open your chest ,breathe deep into the belly. 

Tap on Governing meridian point 27(TCM ) just above your lip, to set the program into your super computer brain. Then repeat out loud:

What expectations am I putting on myself that if they were no longer there would allow flow in my life, and anything that doesn’t allow that uncreate and destroy from point of creation.

Take a deep breath. Keep tapping.

What if life was simple, and anything that doesn’t allow that ,uncreate and destroy from the point of creation with consciousness.


Take a moment and think about this. Have a drink of water.

Write the questions down if you enjoy journaling ,explore what comes up. Notice the thoughts that come up, and how you feel. This is a process, allow yourself time. Speaking these words, your body and mind will begin shifting. As we become aware and see the challenges then we begin to shift. It may take time or it may just change for you! Either way is right, there are no wrong ways here.

 As I look out my window I am grateful for these beautiful ,simple creatures! We often over complicate things with expectations, worry, and fears.

What if it was simple?

What if you allowed life to be simple? 

 And just sing!

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