What is an energetic portal? 12,12,2021.

What is an energetic portal? 12,12,2021.

12, 12 ,2021 Energy Portal

What is an energetic portal?

It is a cosmic gateway, an energetic open door, a portal that opens for us. Creating access, and allowing Us to align with our Higher Self, Higher guidance or awareness, and Higher wisdom. Yes, I am in! Welcome to this magical day! 12 12 is a sign for spiritual awakening. Added together, 12 + 12 = 6. The number 6 symbolizes nurturing, caring, harmony and stability.

Are you resisting change? 

Do you feel agitated? 

Are you paying attention to the guidance around you?

Or are you feeling a huge sense of calm?

To me when I see portals opening, I always stop and take a look. Ask myself some questions.

Grab your journal, or take a walk and spend some time reflecting on what's been going on around you. What has been feeling good and what has not? Then start to ask why. It's very important to be very honest here even if the truth is challenging. For me this magical energy has brought quiet and calm. I started to notice some resistance and allowed some space to see what I was ignoring. In doing so I shifted, I changed my perspective from a push to a flow over Christmas and expectations. It was amazing how gentle everything became. It was much easier, less stressful. I had some intense thoughts come up over some personal fears or so-called limitations that once I spoke them out loud with my partner, changed how I felt inside. Belief systems that had been there for as long as I could remember, gone in a second! I encourage you to look. Look inside, to that deep part of you you tucked away long ago and talk to her. Talk to him. Start the conversation or if you have come to a moment like I did, let it go!!! Whatever part of the journey you are on, it's the perfect moment for you. What comes up is what is meant for you to look at at this moment. You may not solve all areas you want all at once, which turns out is really bonkers to try all at once….ask me I tried!! 

This reflection ties into what is possible. With portals, you can choose to move forward with this huge energy boost or maybe it's not the right moment for you. Honor that also.

Its also a great time to plan what you want in the near future. The more detail the better!

 There is an alignment of planets, stars and cosmic energies that is here ramping things up, so why not use that rocket fuel!!

What does resistance feel like? For me, I may feel reluctant to get the task done, frustration, avoidance, communications gone sideways.
Step back, what am I resisting? Is there something I can do differently that will change this task? Can a create more ease for myself? Maybe I need to ask for help to lift the load of wood instead of doing it all by myself. Should I be listening instead of speaking?

Take a look at the situation from a different point of view, see how someone else might be seeing it. When I start to ask questions and not even get answers out loud, the energy begins to shift. Someone will stop by and pick up that extra bag of groceries and put it in the car. The phone will ring and a friend invites you for coffee. At work, your co-workers come to you for advice. Walking down the street you cross paths with a friend, “I was just thinking of you and here you are!!”Sometimes it's little and sometimes it's big. It all comes back to awareness. When opportunity is there, say yes do not resist! Even if it's scary! 

Did you know that fear is the same frequency as excitement in the human body. Change the words from” I am afraid” to , “this is exciting” and see what happens! 

The fun part here is CHOICE!!! These giant energy portals bring exactly that! A choice, to be different , to see different, to live life differently!

 What else is possible? I know that I am super excited to see some wonderful changes come about for 2022! What about you? Who do you want to be, what do you want to be doing, where do you want to go? Visualize it, think it, dream it….make it happen! That is the secret to manifesting. Not sitting back and wishing. You actually have to step onto the path, open the door and see what's on the other side! This will create movement in the Universe. It's okay if it turns out to not be the opportunity that suits you , but it will have opened up something else. Creating a moment for you to choose something else! One of my biggest gifts along my healing journey has been to stop setting impossible expectations, for me and others. Expectations are a limiting belief. We don’t ever want to stop what is possible. Be open to a different outcome. Adapt if necessary , that is what life is all about, learning!

 Today's energy clearing gift for you my friends. 

Repeat out loud, while tapping on your sternum to the beat of your heart.

I un create and destroy any and all obstacles, expectations and limits I or anyone else have placed in my life that does not allow me to have an open mind, and open heart. Take a deep breath.

 Hand on heart:

Activate, accelerate and embody love, compassion and joy. Take a deep breath. I am protected by the source, god, goddesses, angels and my light team today and always. I send love and gratitude to the Earth and out to the Universe!


Sending Love to you all! 

Carmen xoxo

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