Why do I need to clear my energy?

Why do I need to clear my energy?

Energy Clearing and Why we should pay attention !!!

We are all energy. Everything around us is energy, the trees, the animals, the plants, even inanimate objects like the house you're sitting in right now or your favorite comfy chair!! This beautiful gift means we are all electrical and full of frequencies that are unique to each of us. 

WE are affected by these energies, some good ,some not so good. We’ve all been to a busy shopping center, stood in line and felt the anger and frustration in the crowd. Upon arrival home, a sigh of relief and the need for a shower to wash away the gunk from the experience. 

Imagine now when you were at the lake in the summer, the sun was shining, the temperature was perfect and all the people around you, even the ducks in the lake were so happy and content from this beautiful day and energy!!! WE all shared the energy and that is the thought I want to highlight! Now we don't get to have those perfect moments everyday, however we can learn to create them through a few easy steps!!!

Step one:

 Awareness. Beginning to notice when these negative feelings arise, when you feel that tension began, or loss of patience. We all will feel this in a different way. Sometimes it's a smell, or sound or person, pay attention. As you practice, yes you must practice, you will begin to recognize your patterns very quickly! WE can not always avoid everything even if we would love to stay cuddled up in that soft fuzzy blanket all day, it’s not real life! Knowledge, as we learn to recognize these energies it is empowering us to choose, choose how to react and how to deal with them. 

Step two: 

Grounding. I also find grounding a great way to create a stronger foundation within my body.

Imagine a giant beautiful tree ,the branches are so huge and full reaching up to the sky .The tree is glowing with a beautiful white,purifying light that is charged by the energy of the Sun. The trees branches spread wide,and roots are going deep into the Earth ,deep,deep into the ground connecting to all the other trees of the Earth in this magical network of energy. As we connect to this energy it calms Us, welcoming us, supporting us.Once you are grounded , you feel a sense of strength rise up inside.

Step 3: 

Call in your helpers! I love asking my light team, Angels, healthy spirits,God, Goddesses whoever you enjoy support from within your heart and mind space! I ask for their assistance to help shield me or remove if necessary the negative energies that have entered my energy field. The energy field is all around and includes within your body.

You can say this out loud or in your head if you feel more comfortable.

Step 4: The Clearing words:

“Clear any and all negative energies that I have come in contact with on all time lines. Thank you. 

Customize if you wish!

As your awareness grows, these steps will happen very fast. I notice the effects immediately myself. My intuition has really become fine tuned and I am able to navigate these situations with less stress. I feel I am able to go through them, so to speak with much more Grace! 


The concept of good vibes, and not so good vibes has become a part of everything in my life. Think, family, friends, work. Going deeper, my home, my food you see where I am going!!! If we are all energy, then what energy am I bringing to the world. Changing my energy will 100 % affect all those around me too! It is such a fabulous gift to share with the world. This is only a glimpse into the energy realm, an idea seed really! Imagine now adding the frequency of love with everything you do, not fear or anger or judgment! Life is perfectly imperfect and will always have moments when we bump into these energies, now you have some tools to assist you!!! Stay tuned and we can explore more beautiful ways to live this life with love and light! 

What else is possible…..

Sending you love and light!


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