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Eye of Protection with White agate

Eye of Protection with White agate

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 Some people also believe that the Eye of Protection symbol offers defense against the evil eye. This symbol can be utilized in various ways - such as adorning oneself with amulets and talismans featuring the Eye of Protection to ward off ill luck and negativity, and for protection. The eye of protection are thought to possess certain qualities or energies that can repel or neutralize any negative intentions or energies directed towards an individual. It also can bring you good fortune! 

The element Air is associated with White Agate and is believed to aid in developing mental functions, concentration, and focus. This stone is recommended for individuals seeking to improve their cognitive abilities. This crystal is also known for promoting inner stability, self-confidence, and rational thinking, making it a valuable tool for decision-making skills. 

The color energies of White Agate are known to promote inner peace, positivity, and self-confidence, leading to increased joy and self-expression. White Agate also provides stability and grounding in difficult situations and can be charged by placing it in sunlight or moonlight and then holding it on your Root.


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