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The Crystal Oracle

Heart Healing Crystal Kit

Heart Healing Crystal Kit

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As I played the singing bowl, guided and supported by source, loving intentions , compassion and inner wisdom filled these crystals!

Rose quartz-Love

Lavender Amethyst-inner wisdom

Clear quartz-clarity and insight

I love creating these kits, intuition guides me which crystals to put together. The magic of crystal alchemy is powerful! I also used the animal spirit deck to add more insight and meaning to this super charged kit!! Use with grids, altars, or carry it with you to boost your own energies! 

When you become distracted by the outside world or negative people, take a breathe and remember what is in your heart. Follow you heart, and your truth will always guide you. Patience ,kindness to others and especially yourself will help in all situations!

Your amazing! Your supported! You are loved!

Listing is for 1 crystal of each, rose quartz, amethyst, and clear quartz.

Pouch included!

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