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The Crystal Oracle

Labradorite Elegant Pendant

Labradorite Elegant Pendant

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"The Magicians Stone," Labradorite is a powerful aid in unlocking one's full potential. Whether in need of physical or spiritual protection, Labradorite's luminescent light creates a barrier of safety. As you journey through the universe, let Labradorite be your protective cloak, reminding you of your true, powerful energy.
Labradorite possesses mystical properties and is often linked to self-discovery, intuition, and awakening of one's inner spirit. The crystal is believed to have healing energies that can ease anxiety and depression, as well as possibly boost the immune system.

Additionally, it provides protection against negative energies and misfortunes, promoting a grounded and secure lifestyle. For optimal results, Labradorite should be regularly cleansed and recharged through smudging or exposure to moonlight.
It can also be utilized in meditation or worn as jewelry to enhance self-awareness, psychic abilities, and adaptability to life's changes.

Pendant approx 1 inch long with bail
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