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Mini Bundle 3pack Intuitive Healing Session

Mini Bundle 3pack Intuitive Healing Session

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Mini Bundle 3 pack:

Invest in yourself! 

This 3pack offers your the ongoing support to create more of a shift in your life. With multiple sessions you are able to advance yourself and continue farther in your journey. Most often clients see benefits having a few sessions in a row. Multiple sessions will give you more opportunities to ask more and go a little deeper into the healing.

If you are really excited to move forward, then the Mini bundle is for you!

SAVE $33 when you bundle!!!

3 Live video sessions /or 3 in person session with Energy Healing Practitioner Carmen.

Body balancing is an intuitive guided session where we ask your body where it is out of balance.

This can include physical pain, headaches, illness, misalignments ,sleep issues, hormone imbalance, stress, emotions, organs, chakras ,foods and more. Our emotions can become "stuck"  and create imbalance within our body mind and spirit.

Body Balancing helps regulate our nervous system, helps digestion, improves sleep, relaxes the body,  taking the body out of fight or flight,

When your body is in rest and digest that is when you heal!!!

This work can be life changing. With energy healing time is irrelevant, you can experience instant shifts! Some in the form of physical, some emotions, even people around you are effected! This is very powerful work. 

What to expect:

Live video with myself Carmen.

I am a Touch for health practitioner, bars practitioner , intuitive, energy healer, and a Aquarius!!

I use some TCM, touch for health, energy medicine, tapping, bars ,body code, body talk, oracle cards ,intuition and a bit of magic , to assist you in you own healing. By asking your body questions through muscle testing, it guides us to where the root cause is and where the healing is needed!

I am a facilitator, a guide, for your own journey. My ideal client is someone who is willing to take responsibility for their own healing. I encourage clients to take action in their own life and making the choices and change what is needed! I can coach and support you, however, its all up to You!

In person:

I use energy as well with the added bonus of touch! I use muscle testing and acupressure, specialized kinesiology , emotion code and more to balance the body. 
*This session is not meant to replace medical care, and not responsible for physical reactions from balance. Use at your own discretion.

I work with animals and humans!!

Booking : Once payment is received, You will be contacted through your email to set up 3 appointments.
instagram: @crystaloraclegems

*sessions must be used within 90 days-no refund

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