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The Crystal Oracle

Petrified Wood Heart 1

Petrified Wood Heart 1

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Petrified wood is formed when a living tree falls into the water and the earth elements are alchemically absorbed. They say the power of petrified wood lies in its ancient wisdom and long service to the planet. Imagine the stories these trees could share with Us and the knowledge!

 It gently nudges us into alignment, with our feet firmly planted on the good Earth and our heads held high to the sky.

Petrified Wood is particularly good for people with natural gifts in Earth magic/medicine or anyone who wants to deepen their connection to the natural world. It also makes an excellent talisman for past-life healing and recall, as well as for deepening our ancestral connections.

Accept the things I cannot change and be aware of the things I can, and allow me the knowledge to know the difference.

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